Since 2022, we have been designing and making clothes and accessories from hemp for you. However, the idea was born a few years earlier.

Fascinated by hemp and its industrial applications, we started searching. We sewed, experimented, and tested these amazing fabrics.

We locally sew and knit with respect for people and the environment. We operate in accordance with the trends of slow fashion, transparent fashion, and thoughtful shopping.


My name is David and I am the founder of the OJA brand, as well as an enthusiast of the possibilities and diverse uses of hemp. I graduated from the Faculty of Graphic Design and Animation with a specialization in interactive animation. I create animations, videos, graphics, and photos that you see on our social media. I write posts, respond to your emails and messages on Instagram or Facebook.

Family-owned brand.

Babcia Krysia to nasz motor napędowy. Z wykształcenia księgowa na emeryturze, z zamiłowania krawcowa z ponad 40-letnim doświadczeniem. Pobierała nauki w szkole szycia wiele lat temu, lecz jej wiedza i umiejętności są wciąć aktualne. To właśnie babcia Krysia szyje nasze konopne ubrania. Zawsze przezorna i dbająca o każdy detal. Perfekcjonistka.

Babcia Krysia is our driving force. She is a retired accountant by education, and a seamstress with over 40 years of experience by passion. She learned sewing in a sewing school many years ago, but her knowledge and skills are still up to date. It is grandma Krysia who sews our hemp clothing. Always careful and attentive to every detail. A perfectionist.

Last but not least, there's Mama Ania, who is one of the four pillars of our business. She works as a HR specialist and is responsible for our finances and helps make strategic decisions. She cuts out your shirts and sews the accessories that you can find here. Always smiling and positive about life, she takes beautiful photos during her travels that we share on our Instagram.

But that's not all! OJA. is also our close, talented friends who help us create the brand, always ready with a huge amount of support. We are grateful for their help.

Dlaczego OJA.?

Countless hours of searching, deliberation, and finally, we found it. We wanted a name that referenced hemp, but wasn't too direct. We wanted it to reflect our values and direction of action.

In Nigerian slang, "Oja" means hemp. In Polish, it's very catchy. Often, when we meet you, we hear "O ja! What a great shirt!" That's exactly what we were going for.

"A dot - a punctuation mark that separates, providing a guide for the reader to lower their voice and pause." In the case of our brand, the dot signifies a moment to pause, reflect, and take a break.

If you have any questions or would like us to create a special order for you, please feel free to reach out to us.

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